Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} New House Edition!

Well, this first picture is kind of random.  It is of my daughter on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend but I just think it is a pretty picture.  
Our gorgeous new yard!

Look what we bought with the house!  Piano lessons are in at least 50% of our household's future.

 And just LOOK at the blueberry bushes!  Okay my other half is standing behind me saying "you can't even tell those are blueberries." But they are, for REAL!  Okay fine let me see if I have a close up on my phone...

 There, see! I told you! Blueberries.


  We "moved in" on Saturday but I am using that phrase very loosely. More like we are camping out on air mattresses and eating off of blue storage tubs while sitting in camp chairs.  Anyway, what do you do when you have no furniture or means of entertaining? Invite people over of course!  Directly after church, with no food in the house.  Happily the men saved the day and made a grocery run for hot dogs and chips. And beer, of course.

Check this out.  What do we do with this?  Hubby 
says "anything" but I would like him to be a little more specific.

And finally, the asparagus.  Yes we also acquired an established asparagus bed with this house.  It is so good and so awesome and really sweet (as in not bitter at ALL) and there is so much of it my refrigerator will soon be full of nothing but asparagus and oh my gosh do you see all those WEEDS I need to do something about them and what do I do with ALL THIS ASPARAGUS?!?  Whew.
 Maybe I can work something out with Dwija over at House Unseen and we can start bartering her peas in exchange for my asparagus.  Or maybe I just need to give it away faster. Go see Like Mother Like Daughter for more {P,F,H,R}!

round button chicken