Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yarn Along

Although I haven't been posting much lately, I have been knitting quite a bit. The little sweater is done and just needs ends woven in and buttons. I am also knitting a little hat to match. The purple is my first ever shawl to be knit from my hand spun yarn.  I love this yarn even though the colors are a bit muddy because I started spinning it in the hotel room we stayed in for 2 months after moving here and Isabelle "helped" me quite a bit with the spinning. She would sit next to me and work the pedal of my spinning wheel and occasionally try to pinch and draft the wool. It was the first batt I ever worked with and was quite a pleasure to spin. I especially like all the little tweedy bits in the yarn. I have been pretty scatterbrained with reading which seems to be my normal for this phase of life so far.  The recipes in this book all look good but are very time consuming. We had the "All Day Beef Stew" last night for dinner which my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed but the little ones did not. I think it was the clove so next time I make it I will omit that part and see if it is better received. Go see Ginny (or rather Johnny this week!) for more Yarn Along fun.