Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

round button chicken
Yay my first PHFR!
{Pretty, Happy}

Isn't she lovely?

I suppose handsome is a better word for these two.

Some of you may be confused by this one but if you knew my love affair with butter and spiced breads/cakes... Both pretty and happy here. Also, it may look like a TON of butter (ok who am I kidding, it is... hey I am nursing a baby here) but that slice of cooked carrot oatmeal bread is at least an inch thick.
And I love these wild/fun/girly socks I am knitting for little miss Belle.

Found in a random place on the floor. Notice the cupcake liner.

My "gloves" so I wouldn't burn myself when I touched the hot pan.

"Say Cheese" (tiny playdough camera)


Battling some diaper rash around here. Trying this because I have read it is both effective and doesn't cause repelling on cloth diapers which my beloved California Baby diaper creme seems to cause.

And finally, I call this one "life with a newborn and two year old". Five weeks is still newborn right? Somebody say yes because this mess... oy! This is pretty much my whole house in a snapshot folks. I took a picture of the kitchen but it was too scary to post. Go visit Like Mother Like Daughter (try the button up top) for more Pretty Happy Funny Real!
Also, more real here, that ring on my finger in the funny shot-as in my ENGAGEMENT ring- is now missing. :( I let my daughter look at it at bedtime and forgot to ask for it back, now we can't find it. It may not look like much but my husband and I were high school sweethearts (well I was in high school anyway) and when he proposed we were young and poor. I love that ring and everything it represents more than you can imagine... please pray we find it in the morning.

My darling daughter 'found' the ring in her pocket this morning (after I asked her if there was anything in her pockets- I had a suspicion). She was thrilled and so was I!


  1. Your "real" picture with a 5-week-old certainly makes sense, and he counts as a newborn for sure! I always get a false sense of control when I have a brand new baby, because they sleep so much for the first few weeks and because I always have so much more physical freedom than the end of the pregnancy. THEN. Oh then. Then, they hit 4 to 5 weeks, and my sense of control is shattered. For months.
    I'll say a prayer tonight that you find your ring! My husband and I were also high school sweethearts, and the other day I dropped my wedding ring and it was missing for like 2.5 minutes. I was flipping out. I understand how you feel - hoping you find it in the morning!!

  2. Oh no! I will pray that you find your ring, too.
    (and five weeks is absolutely newborn!)

  3. Thank you ladies for your kind words and prayers. I agree about the false sense of control, although I didn't have that with my first who was pretty colicky from the beginning. This one started out so easy I was able to do more in the beginning (plus we had help from relatives) and now I am finding I am able to do much less all of a sudden. He is waking up to the world more and more and needing more from me. I am trying to just enjoy this fleeting time and give my little ones as much attention as I can.

  4. I'm glad you found the ring!! Your socks are so perfect! You are a good knitter.