Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yarn Along

A little late to the party today but you know what they say... Anyway, I have a few finished projects and one on the needles but all I managed to take a picture of this week was one of the finished Aviatrix hats I knitted for my daughter. As you can see in the second picture, it is a little small and I think I should have knit the 4+ size instead of the 2-4 years size (she is almost 3 but she is big for her age, the same size as her 4 y0 cousin in fact). Or maybe I should have just added one more short row section, hmm... I will have to try again. I will probably use the same yarn since this only took one skein and I have 4 left. It is 100% baby alpaca I picked up at a crazy craft sale in Minneapolis a couple years ago. It is so buttery soft and not at all itchy. I wish I would have bought more. I have been reading mostly blogs but also "The Temperament God Gave You", which my husband also read (well some of it). It is a short and good read that has shed some light on why my husband and I interact in some ways repeatedly with no good outcomes from these interactions. I think it will help us change the way we relate to each other or at least understand each other better.

And, just because I love this picture I am adding a cute fat Christmas baby picture to this post.

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  1. What a cutey! Both your children are. The hat is lovely - such a bright nice color. Did your daughter like it or so-so about it? Can't quite tell from her picture. I know when I knit something for my children and one is so-so about it, it's sort of a let down. The book sounds interesting - I'll have to look it up at the library.

  2. I LOVE the hat. The color is beautiful. I'm going to add this to my Ravelry queue! The baby is adorable!

  3. Thank you for the kind comments! :) My daughter seems to be thrilled when I knit things for her when I am in the process of knitting them. Then, when they are done, she just sort of moves on. She does wear it though, so that is a good sign. I decided not to get let down if she doesn't seem to appreciate her knitted gifts because someday, perhaps when she has babies of her own, I think she will remember that I used to knit for her and will maybe appreciate it then.

  4. cute fat baby!! reminds me of Silas :) oh, and lovely hat of course!

    1. When I see pictures of Silas I think the same thing! I thought it was just me... :) I love fat babies which is good because both of mine have been chunky.