Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow Days

Lots of them! My daughter takes 3 classes a week: ballet, science, and music/art through a really neat homeschool program run by our public school district. However, they have had closings the last three days which means no classes. As a very introverted person who loves to cozy up with a hot cup of tea and watch the snow fly, this is wonderful news to me. And, really, probably just as well for my kids too, who can't quite seem to kick this latest round of winter ick we got after Christmas. Lingering coughs and stuffy noses don't exactly necessitate staying home when otherwise they seem normal but it makes me feel better when I can insist on naps and rest times. Not to mention hot tea and homemade broth.

My husband thinks I am crazy but I actually really do like the snow and being snowed in (as long as the fridge isn't empty thank you very much) up to a point. Invariably toward the end of February/beginning of March I am chomping at the bit for spring to come. So today I am just enjoying the intermittent sun and flurries, the warm woodstove, and looking through my seed catalog. In between, of course, cooking and laundry and schooling and disciplining (one of my most hated parts of this gig, truly!) and changing diapers and doing the dishes. It's messy but it's home. :)



  1. Absolutely lovely. I wish we had snow.

    1. The snow really is lovely! I won't be singing this tune come the end of February though. :)